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Hello. I’m David Soards and I have a desire to create. I’m also extremely curious about how things are made, and I like things that are made well. These traits (or curses) have manifest themselves in numerous ways over the years through various creative endeavors. Today, I work as a Front-End Developer and UX Designer. I focus on creating products that are both visually appealing and also offer the best possible User Experience. I'm a big fan of Comics and Animation. I love to incorporate Drawing and Storytelling into my Design work whenever possible.

User Experience Design is exciting to me because it gives me the opportunity to combine my love of visual design and technology with the solid business principles I developed in college and my natural entrepreneurial instincts. My goal is to design quality products that will enhance people’s lives, to develop websites and applications that people are excited to show to their friends and family, and to create experiences that users remember and want to experience again.

I’m very interested in how the principles of animation and how motion design can be used to create better User Experiences on the web. I believe motion for UX is an area that is going to continue to grow and receive even more interest in the very near future. I get excited about anything related to animation on the web using SVG, JavaScript and CSS. The animations at the top of each page of this site were created with Greensock and CSS. The GIFs and videos were created in After Effects.

Continuing education is extremely important to me, and I’m always looking to learn more and new things. Having completed two cohorts at Code Louisville myself, I’m now very happy to be giving back and working as a mentor in both the Front-End and JavaScript classes.

Please contact me via social media or email if you are interested in the possibility of working together.

Thanks for reading!